Montefrío, a place located in the foothills of the Sierra de Parapanda, Granada (Spain), offers a unique environment ideal both for relaxation and trekking.

Emerged during the early civilizations that occupied the Iberian Peninsula, the town is surrounded by archaeological remains, as the site of ” Las Peñas de los Gitanos “, about 4 km from the town by road Íllora.


A characteristic of this zone is the abundance of water. The stream Arroyo de los Pinares bathes the

land around the Cortijo. Barranco de los Molinos is a beautiful place,

Alhama de Granada
where the stream due to its narrowness forms a series of small waterfalls.

The Sierra de Parapanda is the highest point of the land.


The Sierra de Chanza of high biological value, has large areas of pine forests and wildlife variety, where the population of bird of prey stands out.

Other interesting places in the area: Balneario Alhama de Granada, where medicinal thermal waters flow from the spring; Riofrío, with one of the most priced products for gastronomes worldwide, a certified eco-product caviar delicatessen, and Loja, beautiful village of Granada.